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Cristina Ackerman, LCSW, IMH-E® (III)
Infant Mental Health Specialist
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On this website you will find all manner of useful information about what I can do to help you or the families with whom you work.

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About the name of my practice...

I chose this word for how it brings to my mind a notion of family which goes beyond blood or marriage relations and makes possible arrangements of people who are closely bonded by choice or circumstance. Thus our kinship with others creates a web of relationships that give us a place in the world & keep us safe.

I didn't know it at the time that I chose the name, but the origins of this word & its relatives actually reflect the sense for which I was reaching.

A basic definition I found for kinship is sharing a bond of kin or kith. Originally, and strictly speaking, kith are the people with whom one shares place & culture, and kin are those to whom one is related by blood or marriage, as in “She has neither kith nor kin to support her.”

Going deeper in history, kin derives from kith which originates in the Gothic words kunþi, “knowledge,” or kunþs, “known.” These words came from the Latin word gnosco, “to know.”

In this sense, “knowledge” and “known” mean “familiar.” So we might think of kinship as a sharing of characteristics or origins between people that makes each other familiar, lending to their interactions the qualities of ease, harmony, empathy, affinity, and closeness.